Textile Training and Consulting, LLC Offers four major services:

1. Technical Textile Processing Training

  • Spun and filament yarn manufacturing and property development.

  • Weft Knitting processing and design of knitted fabrics. 

  • Warp Knitting technologies and fabric design

  • Woven Fabric Development and design of fabric properties.

  • Preparation of Fabrics for dyeing

  • Dyes and application methods and properties.

  • Color development and Measurement 

  • Mechanical Finishing

  • Chemical Finishing

2.    Consulting Services

  •  Processing and Quality problem Solving
  •  Plant Evaluations to reveal sources of Efficiency and Waste  Losses
  •  Assistance with Equipment recommendations and new Plant Start up.

3. Assistance with sourcing of textile products and services.

4. Six Sigma and Total Quality Training courses.




     ​Textile Training and Consulting, LLC

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