• Textile Sourcing Assistance
  • Plant Evaluations
  • Textile Technology Training
  • Problem Solving
  • Textile Prototyping
  • ​Quality Issue  resolution
  • ​Fabric Analysis - Woven or Knitted
  • Six Sigma Training 
  • Total Quality Training

If suggested technology is adopted. Textile Training and Consulting can work with your Associates to guide them through each stage of the installation of the new technology or process.

Textile Training and Consulting, LLC Associates use surveys, interviews, and extensive plant facility visits to conduct a comprehensive review of company/plant operations. Using these findings,  our associates will identify sources of efficiency, waste and labor losses. 



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OUR CONSULTANTS HAVE worked Globally. 

Our professional staff includes four experts with a combined number of years of experience of over 130 years in textile yarn formation, fabric formation, and dyeing and finishing. We have consulted and trained personnel in companies Globally. In addition, other Staff members have 30+ years of experience with Six Sigma Trainiing.

We will  assess training needs, prepare and deliver customized training. We will also suggest technology and processes designed to take your team to the next level. 



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“Textile Training and Consulting delivered excellent textile technology classes in a series of 2 - 4 day courses. Now, our sourcers are better equipped to deal with discussing product needs with our suppliers, and are making better choices.